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Your Story!

In the middle of working on some final drafts of papers – I find myself back to a topic that I have blogged about before.  Take 12 minutes to watch this video from Moore Public Schools: As of this writing on December 6, 2015 around noon, it has been viewed 65,000 times.  It was posted … Continue reading

My Bucket List

Taking a break from thoughts on education…. Here is my bucket list, order not important! Run the Oklahoma City Marathon – I was sitting in my car at the University of Central Oklahoma studying for a test in Adolescent Psychology when it sounded like a lightening bolt hit right behind my car. Watch Manchester United … Continue reading

#Oklaed – This One is for You!!

One of the best things about the beginning of my week is the #oklaed chat Sunday at 8:00 CST.  I can’t tell you how much energy this chat gives me.  The ideas, the passion, the issues, the suggestions, the conversation – it often keeps me up well past my usual bedtime!  I’m frequently still chatting … Continue reading

Success Defined

Let me start be telling you what success isn’t: its not winning the lottery, its not getting the big bargain, its not getting perfect grades, its not making a million dollars… These examples could be used to describe success, but that would depend on the person.  I think that most people would define success as … Continue reading


On my bucket list is giving a TED talk.  I could listen/watch Sir Ken Robinson or Jane McGonigal all day long!  These amazing people inspire me because of what they believe about the two areas that I am so interested in researching: education and gaming.  Having the opportunity to speak to such a broad audience … Continue reading

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