For those of you who have too many difficult choices for the #ReCharge conference – this page is for you!  The links below will take you to the slides from my sessions today and I will add any other super cool and totally important details as they emerge!

Thank you for your passion for education and for students!  This is why we do what we do!

Gamification for the Classroom – Two websites to check out: 3D Gamelabs and Classcraft

Here is my Gamification Blueprint: Drive Folder

You Can Tweet It


Desmos – Website/App

Canva – Website/App

Zillow – Website/App


Lazy Monster


Pocket Website/App

Chrome Extension: Tab Glue and Tab Scissors

Go Noodle

Choice Works ($$)

Apps Gone Free


Lego MovieMaker


Pocket Whip

Thinglink Website/App






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