Media Literacy: Blogging Challenge

Audience: Teachers working on professional development through an online course. This will be built inside of the lesson about blog creation.

Description: Teachers will create a blog space on the internet. The blog can be used for a variety of different things but with three goals in mind:

  • Reflect on your teaching practice.
  • Share what you have learned or are going to try and do in your classroom.
  • Have organization.

Design is not critical, but can make a huge difference! Once your blog is going, look at where you fall in the rubric. What can you do differently?


Needs Work

1 pts

Pretty Good


Great Job

3 pts



Blog Organization 30 pts Should be user friendly and easy to navigate Needs Work


Blog is unorganized, hard to follow or navigate, non-working links, lacks visual appeal.

Pretty Good


Blog is clear to read and presentable. All links and titles are easy to find. Blog is fairly easy to navigate.

Great Job


Blog is easy to understand, clear to read and navigate, aesthetically appealing and relevant, all links and titles are easy to find.



Blog is easy to understand, easy to navigate, clear to read, aesthetically appealing and relevant, all links are working and the titles are easy to find

Attention to details 30 pts online identity and personal voice Needs Work


Personal voice and detail choices do not support online safety

Pretty Good


Blog theme provides “voice.” Supports online safety and is respectful of others.

Great Job


Display name, blog title, URL, gadgets and set up show teacher “voice.”



Blog meets all of the entries for a 3 AND has a form where others can safely contact you.

More attention to details 20 pts writing mechanics Needs Work


Blog uses incorrect grammar and spelling, consistently making it difficult for others to follow ideas in entry

Pretty Good


Blog entries show some evidence of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Others will have little trouble following your entry

Great Job


Blog entries show a good command of the English language and have flair and originality. Few spelling or grammatical errors.



Blog entries meet all requirements for a 3 AND have no other spelling or grammatical errors

Reflection/Idea Sharing 20 pts blog shows reflection or sharing of ideas Needs Work


Blog posts neither reflect nor share.

Pretty Good


Blog entries usually share an idea or reflect on teaching that has happened in the classroom.

Great Job


Blog entries share original thinking an seek input from others. Reflections are thought provoking and show desire to improve as a teacher.



Updates are appropriate, blog posts are creative and seek input from others. Ideas are original and reflections are thought provoking.   All blog entries seek to share as well as learn from others.


My Creation: haselwoodmath.wordpress.com

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