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Policy Issues

I was tagged in a twitter post this afternoon from the most amazing Kas Nelson (@kasnelson – you should follow her). It got my brain thinking, then a range of emotions flooded in, mostly anger. Here is the tweet: Here is something that cannot be stressed enough to those who are not living inside the … Continue reading

Thoughts While Mowing Part 2

While mowing yesterday my mind wandered – as it often does – and here are some of those thoughts.  Not too many answers but more questions…. Is it possible to “quantify” a teacher’s impact on a student? Is there really a tool that can do this?  For every teacher?  Who has time to go through … Continue reading

#1CoolThing Can Make a Big Difference!

Coming up for tonight’s #OklaEd chat is the topic of #1CoolThing and I want you to have time to process the questions and brag (tonight its OK!!) about what you did last year!  Take this opportunity to share the totally #amazeballs things that you do in your classrooms/schools/districts! If you are unfamiliar with #1CoolThing please read a … Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Oklahoma House of Representatives

Ladies and Gentlemen, There are three senate bills that I would like to encourage you to add to your session before the deadline to do so passes.  SB 708 eliminates any end of instruction exams that are not federally mandated.  The amount of school time that is lost due to all of the tests the students … Continue reading

My Bucket List

Taking a break from thoughts on education…. Here is my bucket list, order not important! Run the Oklahoma City Marathon – I was sitting in my car at the University of Central Oklahoma studying for a test in Adolescent Psychology when it sounded like a lightening bolt hit right behind my car. Watch Manchester United … Continue reading

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